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Much wanted bonus type? Definitely not! Nevertheless, the free spin with Play Money offers you the opportunity to explore various slot machines completely stress-free. Play money means that winnings from spins cannot be redeemed as either bonus money or Real Money. At first glance, this may seem like a meaningless bonus, but for beginning players it is a useful way to learn more about how various slots work. If you are still a junior-level casino Wolf, then it is also worth grabbing such a bonus and seeing what knowledge and experience about slot machines it can give. Free spins with bonus money are the most popular way to serve free spins to users as part of the welcome bonus. In other words, all winnings from the spins will move to your bonus money account. In almost all cases, bonus money is accompanied by various conditions regarding playing through money. Depending on the casino , they can be more lenient or stricter. We have observed that free spins with bonus money have more friendly conditions in those casinos that are complete newcomers to the Indian market or have a solid foundation already built and can be considered corypha of the Indian casino world.

Sometimes new players think that all bonuses are limited to the welcome bonus in casinos. However, this is not the case. The best online casinos in India constantly offer promotions and offers, during which various rewards are distributed, including free spins. Seasonally, even more free spins may be offered, for example at Christmas or Easter. Free spins distributed during promo campaigns can be delimited by software manufacturer, individual slot or slot machine category and style. Since the number of different combinations is large, many casinos offer more and more surprising slot offers to please the users. Several online casinos in India hold tournaments in which you can win free spins. Tournaments appeal to players because they add even more excitement to the already playful atmosphere. Goals vary, but in general it is necessary to get the highest possible amount of winnings. The best players are then rewarded and free spins may be awarded to them.

Prize sweepstakes are another common route that leads to free spins. For example, you need to buy lottery tickets, some of which will give you prizes. However, prize draws can be based on another activity, such as playing a specific slot or entering a promo code. The Reload bonus is given to users who have already received a welcome bonus but continue to make regular deposits. Specific conditions depend heavily on casino regulations. But many times free spins are given with the reload Bonus. The Associated winnings are usually wagered and count as bonus money. Casinos want to make new games more popular and introduce them to as many users as possible. Since some of the players always stick to their favorites, that’s why online casinos distribute bonuses to new releases. From the player’s point of view, this is a great trend, as it helps to test new slot machines without risk and make sure that they are worth playing for your money. 

Because of the above mentioned (volatility), it is very important that if you have chosen a slot, you play it at a minimum stake first (or, if possible, in free mode) in order to experience its features, including the frequency with which it pays out (how often winning combinations come out on the reels within a given number of spins). And you should only start playing this slot if you are familiar with all its other features (such as the value of symbols, how many scatter icons are needed to trigger free spins, how gambling and / or bonus game features work, etc.). If you notice that the slot is a “loser,” move on and play another slot instead. And when you win, you should “set aside” some of your winnings. Because over time, you can build a sizable bankroll and play high-stakes games that have a huge progressive jackpot. The best online casinos offer their registered users only slot games from renowned developers in the industry. All of these games are tested and guarantee fair playing conditions and chances of winning. Of course, all the slots offered by our recommended casinos are made up of such slot machines without exception. The products of renowned slot game software developers before their “market launch” undergo rigorous tests, during which all aspects are checked (e.g. RTP, RNG / random number generator, operation of Special Functions, bug-free, etc.).

When it comes to playing online slots, safety is a top priority. Therefore, always check Who (which company) created the game you want to play, and whether the casino is, for example, eCOGRA certified(or certified by another independent certification body). This is because gambling providers with such certification should be offered at regular intervals (e.g. monthly), including the online slots they offer, which is a guarantee that they will always provide their customers with fair playing conditions.

In the case of slot games, there are basically two variants of jackpots. One is the so-called fixed jackpot and the other is the progressive jackpot. For the former, the jackpot is a fixed amount, i.e. its value does not change during gameplay, but the progressive jackpot value increases continuously with a certain proportion of the bets placed by the players (usually until one player hits the jackpot, after which the progressive jackpot value / amount starts to increase again). 

The best online casinos have come out with their VIP clubs and loyalty programs. This is an extremely popular way to get free spins. As you progress through the loyalty scheme levels, you can get more free spins and other juicy bonuses. Although few online casinos in India have their own VIP program, casinos with an existing VIP club still offer free spins to their members from time to time. Therefore, the rules should always be studied more closely. Also in our reviews and reviews you will find relevant information about the Basic Rules of the bonus. What is especially awesome is that with free spins you can win even more prize spins. If your free spin leads to a slot bonus round, you are free to find that extra spins will pop into your account.

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