How cryptocurrency is changing the gambling industry

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Cryptocurrency in the Modern World

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become a very active part of modern man’s life. This feature can be found on any website on the Internet and it simplifies all money transfer activities. 

At the moment, there is one synonym for the meaning of the word Cryptocurrency – profit. All operators in online gambling establishments strive to make all payments using blockchain. With its emergence, the world of gambling entertainment has undergone significant changes.

This convenient payment method is now known all over the world. It is said to be a safe, fast and convenient way to make payments. 

The popularity of Cryptocurrency in Online Casinos

Everyone knows that casinos are a very old way of having fun. It began to change, to acquire new features and conditions after the appearance of online gambling sites. At that time, a variety of games on one platform, advantageous payment methods and generous bonuses became available. None of the traditional buildings could boast of so many gifts for players. 

However, more recently, online casinos have begun to incorporate a blockchain system into their online casino functionality. This deposit system has multiple advantages . Below are the main ones . 

Strict Mode of Protection

As online gambling evolves, operators have become increasingly concerned about protecting players’ transaction data. This approach has been prompted by numerous infiltrations of websites by attackers and the theft of personal information. 

The use of cryptocurrency is built on a blockchain system. It is decentralised and is recorded in a transaction register. It is in the public domain and has multiple copies. 

But don’t be intimidated by the phrase that the registry is in the possession of many people. It just means that in order to make transactions you have to wait for them to be approved by many users . This technology helps to reduce the risk of fraud and prevents money from getting into the wrong wallet. 


For players who prefer to gamble, this is quite an important factor. If you win a lot of money and withdraw it to your card you have to pay a big fee to the tax authorities. With blockchain you always remain anonymous users . Some crypto wallets do not require any additional personal information. This gives players a sense of security and anonymity . 

This payment method is very important for countries where all kinds of gambling is banned. As in this case nobody can trace the player’s actions. 

If we compare crypto-purses with mastercard or visa cards, the former are not attached to any bank account. 

Ease of Use

You don’t have to wait more than 24 hours for the online casino to start playing. All payments are instant and will not keep you waiting. 

You don’t have to approve bank transfers and wait for the bank operators to decide. 

You will be able to enter basic personal information about yourself when creating a crypto wallet or find sites where it is not required. Which also makes it much easier to use the system. 

The Future of Crypto-Gambling

There is no turning a blind eye to the fact that cryptocurrency is the leading technology in gambling at the moment. The important aspects for players are privacy, anonymity and speed. Operators who ignore blockchain technology and only approve standard payment methods are losing a large part of their audience. 

Fast payments and cryptocurrency have become the norm. Players are no longer willing to wait to receive their payment. 

Political action on cryptocurrency legislation continues to be debated. The government is finalising its scope of control . This suggests that bitcoin and other currencies are in limbo and could change their terms at any moment. 

Benefits of Crypto-casinos

Sites that accept payment methods in cryptocurrency have some functional advantages. For example, all of them offer : 

  • Take advantage of special bonus offers for those who have made a deposit in cryptocurrency;
  • Good security, which has millions of copies and can never crash or be hacked;
  • High transaction speed.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency

Since a lot has been said about the main advantages of blockchain, it is worth saying what are the disadvantages of this system. The main ones are : 

  • Changes in the condition and value of the currency. The demand and supply of bitcoin and other currencies changes every day, which can cause either a rapid rise or a rapid fall of the currency;
  • Low prevalence among casinos. Blockchain implementation requires specific functionality that only individual professionals can work with. Not all operators and programmers of standard casinos will be able to ensure that the system works well. 

But with such a high growth rate it’s possible to say that in 10 years all online casinos will implement a cryptocurrency payment system. This expands the audience and consequently increases the operators’ profits. 

Best Crypto Casino in India

If you’re interested in blockchain technology, the BC.Game Casino is worth checking out. It is a well-known website that was founded in 2017 by Block Dance BV. Here you will find only professional and quality services. 

In order to make finding players as safe and legal as possible, it has been licensed by the government of Curacao. 

Personal data and transaction information is protected by state of the art encryption measures. 

Gaming Lobby

BC.Game crypto casino offers the most diverse and versatile gaming experience. Here you will find 7000+ options to play. To have a better chance of winning has the option of analysing the RTP and big winnings that have been obtained most recently. 

Available categories on the platform : 

  • BC ORIGINALS is a unique category that can only be found on this site. Here you will find 25+ cryptocurrency offers . The most popular choices are Crash, Classic Dice, Keno, Limbo ;
  • Live casino is a special category that is popular among professional players. You can choose from over 500 games of different categories like poker, blackjack, baccarat, table games and card games and play live against your competitors. There is always a live dealer on your screen, leading the game. The inviting atmosphere creates a sense of excitement and winning;
  • Slots – the category with the most games. There are more than 6,800 of them. They have all been introduced by top software providers, the total number of which is 50;
  • Table games – a separate group with 350 variants . The most popular are poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. 

Deposit methods

All registered players can make deposits using both fiat method and cryptocurrency. BC Game  offers a choice of 100 cryptocurrencies. This is the largest and widest selection among all crypto casinos. The most popular options are bitcoin, USDT, ETH, TRX. They do not have any limits when making deposits. You also won’t find any maximum withdrawal limits as it happens with fiat payment methods. Payment processing time varies from 10 minutes to 6 hours. In most of these terms do not exceed 1 hour. Thus, the payment in cryptocurrency will not make you wait long.

Visit BC.Game online casino in India and enjoy exciting gaming, generous bonus offers and fast deposit methods!

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