How to Boost Your Business Online with Virtual Phone Numbers

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Over the past few years, there have been many effective ways to promote business on the internet. Some people decide to stick with one of them even though making it work all together gives much better results. But no matter chosen way it is important to know about such a tool as virtual phone numbers for verification via SMS. They are finding more and more use cases in the online business promotion industry and without a doubt are an integral part of it.

Endless mass mailings

Mass mailings with trade offers and promotions always carry the risk of being blocked. This can happen either as a result of the automatic protection system of the email service or as a result of a complaint sent by the recipient of such a message. This was really a big problem but only until virtual phone numbers came on the market. Thanks to them it is no longer necessary to risk a personal or corporate mailbox while doing mass mailings. Moreover, there is also no more need to worry about an email address getting frozen or blocked.

Virtual numbers allow the creation of an unlimited amount of mailboxes on any email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others. So even if one email address gets banned there is no issue with creating another profile to keep sending emails about new offers and discounts to your potential customers. With that being said, virtual phone numbers help to organize the smooth sending of mass messages and thus attract more attention to the business from internet users.

Unlimited accounts on social media sites

Nowadays social media sites are filled with millions of potential customers of any business. So it is no doubt an important part of promotion strategy. But often those who go this way face such a problem as account blocking which is especially common in the case of such platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. But thanks to virtual numbers it is no longer a problem. With them users can sign up for all kinds of online networks that have multimillion audiences:

  • Social media sites;
  • Instant messengers;
  • Thematic forums.

You can use virtual phone numbers to create multiple accounts and post different advertisements on several bulletin boards at once or constantly send out promotional materials in one group without worrying about getting banned for spam or anything else. The choice of actions is really great and limited only by your goals and possibilities in terms of finances.

Getting virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS

This feature is available to both large businesses and private entrepreneurs. There is no need to provide personal information, income certificates or any other kind of official documentation. Well, at least this is how it works in the case of SMS activate service SMS-Man which offers the best opportunity for internet users to get virtual phone numbers.

Those who have never worked with such a tool may think that process of getting them is difficult and complicated. But it has nothing to do with reality. In order to access all features available on the platform have to complete a simple registration process using an email address or account on social networking sites like Facebook, Telegram or GitHub. Once signed up, there is not much left to do.

You just obtain a disposable or long-term virtual phone number and then use it for signing up on the chosen website or application. Make sure that the service has sent a verification code, and if so, get back to SMS-Man and press the “Get SMS” button. As a result, there will appear a 4 or 6-digits code that users should enter on their apps to finally create an account. This is it!

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