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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western countries have been trying to find an effective way to track down and seize the assets of billionaires who fund Putin’s regime. The politicians in the United Kingdom have been especially active in demanding justice, and some Russian oligarchs who own a lot of housing and other immovable assets are starting to become worried, abramovich selling chelsea.

Roman Abramovich recently announced his intentions to sell Chelsea Football Club. He first bought the franchise in early 2000s, and since then, managed to turn it into one of the most profitable football clubs by the 2020s. Abramovich bought the club about 20 years ago for just about 150 million pounds. Considering the club’s value now, it has been a great bargain.

Chelsea very recently won the Champions League, and hold the third place in the Premier League right now. So, naturally, selling a club is not great news for fans. The current ownership seems to be everything right, and fans might rightfully be worried about the new owners. However, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel seems optimistic, saying that most likely good management of the club is going to continue in the future. In the end, Tuchel thinks that being a good manager of the football club means dealing with uncertain times, like the one we are facing today.

It hasn’t been long since Tuchel arrived at the club, but it seems like he has already left his mark on the club. He managed to turn things around in just half a season and won a champions league trophy last year. Chelsea have been leading the premier league this year, and could have won easily, if it wasn’t for unfortunate injuries. Therefore, Abramovich’s decision comes as a bit of a shock. Everything is going fine, and now the current owner is forced by circumstances to transfer his ownership to someone else.

However, Chelsea fans should not lose hope just yet. According to Tuchel and other insiders at the club, everything is set up perfectly for a club to continue to thrive. However, even Tuchel acknowledges that it will be hard to find another owner like Abramovich, who cared for Chelsea and made the football club his personal priority. Still, because of this high level of organization, Chelsea FC is going to sell for a high price. The business includes not only the famous men’s football club, but also women’s club, and many additional assets. The football club is already generating profits and has many partnerships with various other businesses to maximize the profits, abramovich selling chelsea.

As an investment, the football club will probably be a safe bet. At the end of the day, only time will tell whether the new owner of Chelsea football club will be anywhere near as successful as Roman Abramovich. One thing is for certain: paying billions of dollars to purchase this football club will be a major gamble. If you’re someone who likes to take chances, perhaps you will enjoy betting on 22Bet Kenya.

The team coach said that it was the former Chelsea goalkeeper and the club legend, Petr Chech, who broke the news of Abramovich’s intentions to liquidate the club. The players as well as Thomas Tuchel weren’t surprised, because they had already heard the news from other sources. The coach added that Abramovich’s close friend and Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia is unable to express her opinion because she’s not well at the moment.

Tuchel thinks that, as a football coach, he should focus on doing the best job on the pitch, and not to worry about anything else. It’s hard not to agree with them. Ensuring that your team does a good job on the pitch is a very difficult task. Worrying about ownership and other financials would be an unnecessary distraction.

Obviously, the high price of the football club means that there will be only few investors who can afford it. It needs to be someone with billions of dollars in cash. Most likely investors will be nervous about spending that much money during uncertain times like today. Still, there are multiple candidates to purchase a club. The most prominent of them is Muhsin Bayrak from Turkey.

Financial experts advise that the best time to abramovich selling chelsea football club would be during the summer, after the season is concluded. Also, it’s best if it happens before the transfer season opens. Otherwise the new owner might not have enough time to get adjusted and take necessary precautions to ensure the continued stability of the club, Curacao bookmakers.

The most likely time for a sale of abramovich selling chelsea to happen is in fact, during this summer, or not at all. Financial experts say that Abramovich will take time to find a proper buyer. The man himself fears sanctions, but also denies his involvement with the Russian dictator. Despite his claims, the origins of Abramovich’s initial fortune are unknown and suspect to speculation.

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