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In the slot Aviator in each round players can see the plane, which can both bring the winnings of the gambler, and take it away. The main task of the gambler – to rely on their reaction and attention. More specifically, you need to have time to press the “Cash Out” before the plane disappears from the screen or breaks gambler. In this case, the amount of user bets will turn into zero. 

Gamblers can use tricks for Aviator game to increase the number of wins: 

  • Before asking the player how to analyse Aviator graph, the gambler must remember that the slot can not be predicted and hacked. The Analysis of the game Aviator is inaccessible to anyone.
  • The gambler can start with the easiest trick, which is to bet systematically on the minimum odds. The player can in the slot Aviator bet a round and press the “Cash out” button on the second to sixth second of the plane takeoff. Thus the player can increase personal balance.
  • The next trick for the gambler may be known as the “Martingale Strategy”. It’s an Aviator winning strategy in a casino. The essence of the strategy is the doubling of the bet by the user after losing. As soon as the gambler happens to win, it is necessary to put the minimum bet again. 
  • The gambler can try in action the original version of the bets under the following scheme: initially you need to make five or seven bets with the minimum values, then increase by a factor of two. After doubling the bet, after a few rounds, raise x4 times. 
  • The gambler should not forget about the useful features that are available for use in the slot. Automatic betting and withdrawal are available at the full disposal of the player. The first function adjusts the numerical value of the bet for each round, and the player does not need to constantly enter numbers. 

The automatic withdrawal feature involves helping the player with reaction and attention. This option withdraws the winnings to the player as soon as the set value coincides with the odds numbers that appear under the takeoff of the plane. 

It is worth emphasizing that before playing for real money gambler is recommended to get acquainted with the slot Aviator in demo mode. In this version of the game, the gambler can see for free how the slot works, see the mechanics of the interaction of elements, as well as to understand the functionality. In demo mode, the player has a free and unlimited flight of action. 

The gambler can try his ideas and strategies to understand how this or that option works. In the free game Aviator casino accrues virtual coins. It is important to note that in the demo mode, the player can not withdraw the money to his bank card. Winnings forever remain in the casino.

More rules, the player can read on the website of the licensed casino Parimatch by link.

How to choose a casino to play Aviator slot?

The gambler needs to choose a reliable casino to play Aviator safely. In order to choose a safe establishment, the player needs to pay attention to the following casino items:

  • A gambling establishment must have a license, thanks to which the casino is operating legally. This, in turn, guarantees the player the payment of all winnings. 
  • In the library, for the gambler should be a huge selection of games known to developers.
  • The player should pay attention to the support service in the casino and the means of communication.
  • In a private office the gambler should be able to have different ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • The site of the casino should present bonuses and promotions. 

Big winnings in the casino

Players can make a fortune at a casino in the form of big winnings. However, gamblers should remember that casino games are designed primarily for enjoyment. The player should not hope and make the casino his main source of income. 

To increase the number of winnings a player can do the following:

  • Use popular and customized strategies.
  • Control and keep your emotions when losing and winning. For example, a player can win a large sum and continue to bet large amounts of money on emotion, which in a couple of minutes can lead the gambler to zero on the account.
  • Initially plan a budget for a certain number of rounds. Thus, the gambler can spend longer time at the slot and increase the chances of winning.
  • It is advisable for the player to rely on his reaction and attention.

Responsible gaming on a casino platform

Every licensed casino platform has a section for users called “Responsible Gambling. It contains recommended rules to keep the player safe from gambling addiction. A few important rules are listed below: 

  • The gambler should not play slots in an alcoholic state. Also, it is not recommended to play under the influence of drugs and medicines.
  • If the player feels the negative impact of the machines on his health and condition, the gambler should contact the support service. Support operators will pass contacts of medical specialists, who can help the gambler.
  • A player should not borrow or lend money to get even. 

The rules of responsible gaming can protect the gambler from the negative consequences of gambling addiction.

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