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A long-haul intercontinental holiday can be the experience of a lifetime. Now that so many more countries are being linked by continuous flights, it’s making the world that little bit more connected, making the experience of an exotic holiday a reality for many more people. India has not been left behind in this wave of direct flights and New Delhi airport now boasts non-stop flights to Vancouver and Toronto. Experiencing Canada whether summer or winter will be unlike anything in India, that is guaranteed, but if you want tips on how to ensure you have the best possible experience of Canada then this information will come in handy.

Make The Flight Fly By

Before the fun can really start, you’ve got to make your way to Canada. Keeping yourself busy on the flight will take some real preparation as whichever of Canada’s available airports you’re flying to, you’ll be spending around 15 hours in the air. That’s an awfully long time for anybody to sit still, so having plenty of distractions at your disposal is essential. All of the airplanes that make this journey have Wi-Fi available on board, which means that as long as you have an internet-capable device, you can keep yourself amused. Those that enjoy arcade-style gaming can make use of some of the best casinos in Canada, as detailed in this breakdown. Vegas Slots Online provides impartial reviews on gaming sites, including information on the variety of games that you can expect to find. So, if you’re a particular fan of slots, or a certain table game then you can look out for that information.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get stuck into one of your favorite open-world games then you’ll be able to run clients like Steam on your laptop too. Being able to get lost in the wilderness of Red Dead Redemption, the battlefields of Call of Duty, or zip around a track in Forza will definitely make your flight time pass a whole lot more quickly. Whichever gaming option you choose, be sure to bring a book or two as well. Not all airlines allow the charging of portable electronic devices, so when your battery runs out, you’ll need some good old-fashioned entertainment too.

Chow Down on a Canadian Staple

Once you arrive in Canada and get settled into your hotel, you’ll probably be feeling a bit peckish. One of the nicest ways to begin your holiday is with a hearty meal and a big sleep. Beating jet lag is a lot easier when you’ve got a full belly. Canada is famous for its food culture, but one of the most decadent dishes that you’ll find all over the country is poutine. This combination is deliciously devilish, a combination of crisp fries, unctuous gravy, and a generous topping of melted cheese. It certainly isn’t for those on a calorie controlled diet, but if you’re going to push the boat out then what a way to do it. 

You’ll be able to find poutine wherever you go in Canada, but there’s one chain of restaurants that’s often heralded as the King of poutine and that’s Smoke’s Poutinerie. There will be a poutine to suit all tastes here with a menu that serves exclusively this dish. The Hogtown poutine is an homage to Toronto, featuring mushrooms, onions a salty, herby Italian sausage and the smokiest bacon you’ll ever have tasted. Of course, there are plenty more outlandish options too, the Korean poutine features flat-iron steak, sambal, a sticky and delicious Korean bbq sauce, plus a sprinkling of green onions. Whichever you choose, if it’s your first poutine experience you’ll never ever forget it.

Explore the Wilderness

One of the most important and exciting things about traveling is getting to experience an entirely different landscape. Canada’s landscape is absolutely stunning. Expect huge elevations, dense forests, snowcapped mountains and a rugged coastline that will take your breath away. Those exploring Vancouver should make a beeline for the Capilano Suspension Bridge, an enormous bridge that appears to hang in mid-air. At 140 meters long and rising 70 meters above the Capilano river below, not only will you be surrounded by the tree tops of a dense coniferous forest, you’ll also be afforded one of the best photo opportunities in the area, so get snapping.

If you happen to have made Toronto your stopping place then there’s plenty of wilderness to explore outside the city there too. However, one of the most iconic bits of architecture that you must make a visit to is the CN Tower. All of the shots of Toronto feature this gigantic needle piercing the sky. Sat atop the tip of the needle is a revolving restaurant that affords you panoramic views of the city below, as well as some pretty delicious food. If you’re too stuffed from your poutine then it’s still worth scaling the tower. At 533.3 meters, it used to be the tallest free-standing structure in the world, until the skyscrapers of Dubai got underway. Despite having its title taken, the CN Tower is an experience unlike any other, so put it in your itinerary.

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